Featured Artist – The Naked and Famous

THE NAKED AND FAMOUS – As a developing band, it is necessary to produce and release as much content as possible. Whether it is just a simple 30 second clip of tour announcement to a music video to just live footage. It’s all very important, especially in the world of everything living on the internet. One amazing example of that would be The Naked and Famous…. check out their YOUTUBE PAGE. There is just about 10 music videos that are all brilliant, AND done by the same directors, Campbell Hooper & Joel Kafelia.

Check out “Young Blood” (which charted in 7 territories) here:

The New Zealand indie rock band has only been running around since 2008, and they have already made a solid impact in not only their home country New Zealand, but as well as Australia, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom and the USA. That is a lot of ground to cover in just over 3 years.

Grab a free download of “Crazy Yes Dumb No” here:

The Naked And Famous
“Crazy Yes Dumb No”

In 2011, the band received six nominations at the New Zealand Music Awards for Album of the Year, Single of the Year, Best Group, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Best Alternative Album and the People’s Choice Award. They were also nominated for the NZ On Air Best Music Video and won the MAINZ Best Engineer Award and the MAINZ Best Producer Award. I’d say that you should probably check them out.


Featured Artist – Gotye

GOTYE (Wouter “Wally” De Backer) – We usually feature developing artists… well, Gotye is already developed, but he rules so hard.  Gotye, born in Belgium, but raised in Australia has had quite the year. iTunes just rewarded Gotye with Song of the Year and Alt Song of the Year for “Somebody I Used to Know”, as well as Australian Album of the Year and Alternative Australian Album of the Year for his 3rd studio record “Making Mirrors”.

Listen to “Making Mirrors” here:
Gotye – Making Mirrors by Gotye

Also, watch a music video to the award winning “Somebody I used to Know” (Feat Kimbra) here:

Some artists take 15 years to break, and some get lucky enough to pop in their first few months. In this case, I feel that Gotye is gradually turning into “that dude you should know and go see” organically, but in an average amount of time. The record is great, he releases great content, and he seems to be having some fun. Just go check it out.


Featured Artist – Fierce Creatures

FIERCE CREATURES – Fresno, California is raising another great band. I’m not going to lie, there are a bunch of these jingly-jangly bands out there, but when it’s done right, it is pretty rad. Fierce Creatures seem to have a blast writing and playing together. If you watch this video below, you can get an idea of what the band is all about…

S*ALT is a huge fan of Fierce Creatures. Our station manager, Billy, has tossed them on one of our S*ALT Local Shows which is January 27th at The Blank Club with other locals B Hamilton and Bell Thieves. We also, have them in rotation on Noise Control, which is the weekend local music hour.

Have a listen to Fierce Creatures below –
Preview by fiercecreaturesband

Nothing better then watching a great local band develop.

Also, don’t forget to help these guys out by donating money to their kickstarter so they can finish their album.


Featured Artist – The Big Pink

THE BIG PINK – What’s up with this band? I’ve been hearing tons about them lately. Someone told me “they are the British MGMT”. I looked more into it to find out it is 2 dudes from London playing electro-pop with catchy hooks? It’s going to be huge over here, it’s inevitable.

I mean, of course everyone remembers “Dominos”, right? That track is what helped get them some life. Observe –

The Big Pink has a new record coming out in January called Future This that is being released worldwide by 4AD. Great label.

Check out their first single “Stay Gold” -

You can also download the track for free HERE.

Bands like this normally come and go over here in the states, but I think these guys have the tunes and the sand to make some real noise. 2012 will be a good year for TBP.


Featured Artist – The Growlers

THE GROWLERS – Your favorite band. Because they have the perfect package; just indie enough to stay cool their entire career, just enough rock to be able to tour with the best, they pump out records, AND they always tour in old school buses. Know what I mean?

Listen to their latest record “Hot Tropics”:

Watch their music video to “Someone Something Junior” which was on their first release “Are You In Or Out”:

The Gs have been doing this for a few years now, busting their asses releasing new material and constantly touring. In times like this, that’s all you can do. Release new material each year and tour, tour, tour…

Check out The Growlers when you can. Amazing band live.


Featured Artist – Wolf People

WOLF PEOPLE – Good old fashioned psychedelic rock band from the UK. No smoke and mirrors here, maybe some honesty? Listen below and you tell me…

Playlist by wolfpeople

Wolf People have been around for a few years, not necessarily your “stereogum” band right now, but they do rule. WF released “Steeple” Oct 12th 2010 via JagJaguwar, which is their first album. I have a feeling that this will be one of those long processes, but once they do get recognized, people will cultivate over here in the US.

Check out their music vid for “Tiny Circle”:

Something like if Jethro Tull and Alice Cooper both had sons the same age and they did tons of drugs together and then started a band. Very 70s but also contemporary. Ya? No?


Featured Artist – Tennis

TENNIS – Husband-and-wife duos are only cool if done well. In this case Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, met in college, and instantly fell in love with each other as well as playing music together. They then created Tennis, which is simple two piece pop with a lick of the 50s in there.

Listen to “Cape Dory” below:

Tell Her No by tennisinc

Tennis released their first studio album, “Cape Dory” on Fat Possum Records in January 2011, which was featured on NPR. The album is based on a few stories that happened on the couples sailing retreat which lead them down the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard (so rad). I wish I could say I have done all of the above.

Watch their new video for “Deep In The Woods”:

Anyways, check out Tennis.




Featured Artist – Caged Animals

CAGED ANIMALS – Our great friend, Vincent Cacchione, has been making music for quite some time now. He spent the last few years in Brooklyn, playing in a few different projects, and most recently created this new outlet for himself. Vin is a great song writer with an awesome voice. His new and very exciting project is this rad band from Brooklyn called Caged Animals. Vin is lead singer, guitarist and song writer for Caged Animals.

NOW, Caged Animals could easily be perceived as your cliche lo-fi/hipster/hoodie/indie/rock type of band… which is fair to assume…. But I will tell you that is not their intentions, and they will never agree with you (Vin has some sand on him, I tell ya). They’ve found themselves touring internationally, and recently made a huge impact playing Iceland’s Airwaves festival back in October. CA  are a great live band, as they are real- on stage and off…

Check out their new music video for “Pile of $$$$”

Caged Animals debut album for the UK’s Lucky Number label, Eat Their Own, was recorded at home in Bushwick. Making your record at home has become rather popular these days, mostly due to the climate in the industry of course. Have a listen below, CA did it right…

Anyways, check these guys out, I’m sure they have big plans for the new year.


Featured Artist – Survival Guide

SURVIVAL GUIDE – Another incredible band that got their tunes heard but simply submitting their music to our S*ALT Artist Submission page… We then added their new single “Prohibition” to our last S*ALT POLL, and they received most votes! Therefore, we will add the song to regular rotation and keep them on our local band radar.

Listen Here:

“Survival Guide is comprised of Emily Whitehurst and Jaycen Mckissick. They began this project with a plan to have no real plan. To let go of the steering wheel. To be as creative as possible and to let those creations be what they are. To not rely on the past or to anticipate the future. To be in the moment and hopefully capture the sounds and feelings as they occur. To survive.”

Check out their tunes and pre-order their new EP WILDCAT which is being released on Side With Us Records.


Featured Artist – B. Hamilton

B. HAMILTON – So our station manager, music connoisseur, and all around good dude, Million Dolla Bill, sends me an email with a subect in all caps that says “PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS”. Naturally, I wait about 6 days, well, because we are so damn busy. I finally head to this band’s bandcamp, and stream a song called “Gold Tooth”,  then I proceeded to almost throw up because it sounded so awesome.

Well, that band is called B. Hamilton, and they are from Oakland, California. They seem to be pretty damn young to the scene, but I have high hopes. At the end of the day it is all about good product, right? Good music will always be found. What is really funny is that their facebook wall posts are always in all caps.
Download “Everything I Own Is Broken” in it’s entirety:

Another rad thing about this band is that they are giving their music away for free at such an early stage. This goes back to good product. If your songs are truly awesome and you want them to be heard, give them away, build a fan base, work hard, play shows, then bigger and better things will come.

B. Hamilton – check them out!